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Why Sunshine's story is further encouraging people to consider going Vegan?

Below is written by Sunshine's people, Yan & Sherry, who asked for space where they could communicate the broader picture and question why the animal industry would have so much power.

We assume incorrectly that human industries would have human sympathies, or at least attempt to adhere with those humans who do. We all know that the dairy industry kills unwanted babies & 'spent' mothers but it is more than cruel for them to want to kill happy, healthy, free animals -- in this case goats that are our friends and part of our family here on a vegan farm.

Imagine the government believing it has the power to kill your animal friends. Imagine if they came to cull your dog or cat. There would be outrage. Now we see the depth of violence inherent in the animal-exploitation industry. Simply opt-out.

Consider it! Our goat-friends are part of our family, but there is no protection for them because they are not species with protection as pets. The meat & dairy producers and the industry-friendly government have created a monster that not only practices such extreme cruelties as slavery, slaughter, sexual violation (forced insemination), child abduction and heartbreak** on the poor souls trapped within its confines, but also tries to extend its control over the few free, happy, healthy animals that escape to loving homes.

** These are the most truly horrid words in our language but unfortunately many still unknowingly incorporate them daily into their meals

Simply do not give them your consent for this kind of atrocity!

Having our peace of mind disturbed in such a way and having the lives of our loved ones needlessly threatened really show us how the animal exploitation industry has too much power over government policy and too violent of ambitions for all animals.

We are expecting common sense decency in this matter. Anything less is complete nonsense and would show the severe consequences of unbridled bureaucracy -- and be deeply deeply horrific.

It has been psychologically traumatizing that the Canadian government wants to kill our happy, healthy goat friends. Since they have first engaged us, every phone call and every car in the laneway makes my heart stop. But we will endure any amount of mental-trauma on our own person to shield our animal friends from even the slightest awareness of bother or stress. That is what being an ethical vegan means to us.

To you this should be more than just about Sunshine -- it's about the animal exploitation industry being so far reaching that it imagines it can even negatively affect animals safe in a loving family.

Things should be the other way around, the love we have for our animal friends should spill outwards and influence betterment for the unlucky animals trapped in the evils of the industry. Indeed, things can be like that, with your help.

There is a lot of rascality in the world but none of us have to be a part of it. Simply consider opting out of the needless suffering of animals. It's that easy. Practice dairy and meat abstinence. Consider going vegan.

-- Yan and Sherry of Piebird Vegan Farmstay, April 15 2014

Sherry of Piebird:
"Why I choose Ethical Veganism"

As an ethical vegan, I have chosen a life where I aim to do as very little harm as humanly possible to animals and to the earth. In this society built on the blood of animals and the burning of fossil fuels it can appear to be a challenge at times. By consciously making this choice, I am taking my stand against a society that gains profit and pleasure from the suffering of others, be they human or non-human animals.

Even if you say you don’t like the idea of animals suffering and so therefore disagree that it gives you pleasure -- I suggest that if you eat and enjoy the product of their suffering, it does, indirectly, give you pleasure and you are profiting from their misfortune.

I feel within me the needless suffering of animals so strongly sometimes it makes me weak in the knees -- and so in my own life I am trying to over-compensate for all the people who either don't know about their option to live cruelty-free or pretend they don't care enough to bother.

Forcing a being into service for solely our own benefit (or supporting a system that does) is giving your consent to slavery.

I am an abolitionist and you likely are too. Tell me, is there a difference really between that look of fear or that look of love in an animal’s eyes and a person’s eyes? Do we not all have hearts and hopes and a right to freedom and to life?

How have we, such intelligent beings, created a culture that celebrates some animals as “pets” but mercilessly destroys others like some assembly-line commodity? How have most of us not figured out or accepted that nutrients can be found in more peaceful ways that cause less suffering, less environmental chaos and less emotional damage?

What it is to choose veganism:
To be vegan is to step aside from the societal norm of entitlement and think about someone else besides your self.

To be vegan is to say no to an ingrained system of animal enslavement and slaughter; it is acknowledging and rejecting the hierarchy that falsely places humans as the only ones who can feel pain, love, fear and stress.

To be vegan is to love without bias based on species, to love not based on what the creature can give you but what you can give to them.

Our promise to our animal friends:

To the beings with whom we share our farm, we offer you freedom to be your fully realized selves, to wander the pasture, to snuggle in our arms if you want to, to doze in the sun, to live with your family of other adopted residents and when you pass away after a long happy life... we offer you the sought-after orchard to forever roam your days.

Our promise to the animal friends who don’t share our farm:

We will continue to work for your freedom, to affect change in people's hearts & habits, and hope more recognize the connection between slavery and food. We promise to offer homes to as many of you as we can and we are sorry every day for the little space we do have to offer on our farm to save you. As humans, we ask for forgiveness for your suffering.

A Vegan Farm...

Below is written by Sunshine's people, Yan & Sherry.

We do recognize that it may be hard for the CFIA to begin to understand what a vegan farm is. Our animal friends live here simply because they have the right to live and we have the capacity to provide care. We are a therapeutic agri-tourism retreat where we passively inspire and actively teach about compassionate living towards animals & a positive relation to the Earth. We very much enjoy sharing with other humans the deep joys that come with animal friendship (and being friends with all animals, not just the species fortunate to be identified as "pets").

Our animal friends are not livestock. Our vegan farm is in no way part of the dairy/meat or animal-exploitation industry. Threatening to carry out a ruthless eradication program on our free & healthy animals is seen as a government invasion of private land/property to further corporate interests -- but identifying as ethical vegans, we are not owners of our goat friends but simply guardians of their rights and freedoms; including their right to live a free and happy life.

We would like to acknowledge our own right to continue to operate our vegan farm outside of any influence dictated by the meat and dairy industry or any government department they are in partnership with. We would like to continue uninterrupted to provide care for our animal friends in a way that greatly, greatly exceeds the horror of animal welfare practiced in dairy and meat operations (to put it lightly).

Our obligation to protect our animal friends significantly trumps whatever imagined justification the animal-exploitation industry has for disrupting their freedoms or ending their lives.

Sunshine is a very happy guy and he simply deserves to live his happy life. I'm sure he'd love to be your friend!