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Save Sunshine, the happiest goat ever

Sunshine needs your help. A program operated jointly by the Canadian Government (CFIA)* and the animal/dairy/meat industry contacted Sherry & Yan (Sunshine's people) in February, wanting to slaughter him as part of an "eradication program." Sunshine is a healthy, happy, member of their family, and lives on a vegan agri-tourism farm / animal sanctuary in Ontario.

Sunshine (he pronounes his name "Shmunshmine") is a beautiful happy boy who likes to snuggle and radiates love for everybody. He has already been saved twice: first from being killed or eaten as an unwanted newborn, then because he came to his forever home as a malnourished & neglected baby -- now he needs kind humans to save his life again.

The allegation is that since he is of the same breed, he may have genealogy links to an Ontario dairy farm where a rare and non threatening goat & sheep degenerative disease (scrapie) was reported in one goat (third case in Canada's recorded history).

Sunshine & the rest of the Piebird goat friends need your help and they will love you forever for your kindness.

UPDATE: View the petition for an update (April 23rd)

* Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA, North Bay, Ontario) -- we hope this online awareness-campaign created to support our friends Sherry & Yan (Sunshine's people) allows the CFIA the respect & room needed to simply remove this unnecessary threat. He is healthy, happy and loved by many.

What you can do:

1. Spread word

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2. Donate

DONATE -- Donations are direct to Sherry & Yan (Piebird) and they've indicated it will be divided between money for their gracious lawyer (and her animal rights organization), as well as funds for marketing so we can all help Sherry & Yan tell this story until Sunny is safe.

3. Sign the petition

SIGN PETITION -- -- The happiest goats in the entire world need your help!

Or just write the CFIA yourself

Save Sunshine

Sunshine is a very happy guy and he simply deserves to live his happy life without disturbance. I'm sure he'd love to be your friend!

We've made this site on behalf of our good frends Sherry and Yan of Piebird Vegan Farmstay.

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